Product Summary

The G6H-2-12V is a PCB Relay.


G6H-2-12V absolute maximum ratings: (1) Rated voltage: 3 VDC; (2) rated current: 46.7mA; (3) Coil resistance: 64.3 Ω; (4) Coil inductance: Armature OFF: 0.025; Armature ON: 0.022; (5) Must operate voltage: 75% max. Of rated voltage; (6) Must release voltage: 10% min. of rated voltage; (7) Max. voltage: 200% of rated voltage at 23℃; (8)Power consumption: Approx. 140mW.


G6H-2-12V features: (1)Compact size and low 5-mm profile.; (2)Low power consumption (140mW for single-side stable, 100 to 300mW for latching type) and high sensitivity.; (3)Low thermo electromotive force.; (4)Low magnetic interference enables high-density mounting.; (5)Single- and double-winding latching types also available.


G6H-2-12V dimension